Three decades ago, a seed of good deeds and compromise was planted by a man with great vision, amazing human quality and great social conscience, he decided to make his dream of helping and contributing to the society come true, by participating and sharing the benefits that different companies and associations deeply concerned about the community in vulnerable conditions.

The man who planted this seed was Senator Pietro Rizzuto, he was a person with great values and principles, which led him to trust people and provide support for those in need.

In recognition to his hard work on many great contributions and also with the intention to extend his legacy, in August 2014 the Organization Senator Pietro Rizzuto opened its doors to continue Senator Rizzuto’s dream of creating a better place for people in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta. It is through this Organization that we are able to coordinate joint efforts with society, institutions and companies, making sure that every donation reaches its destination and we also follow through to witness the impact that such contributions had and at the same time, determine future needs.