Love is the most humble, but powerful force of the human being
“Mahatma Gandhi”

Pietro Rizzuto was born in 1934, in Cattolica Eraclea, situated in a beautiful agricultural zone of the Sicilian countryside. At the age of 20, he immigrated to Canada, in Montreal more precisely, where, with a lot of hard work and effort, he built a great family business and settled his beloved family.

His career and active participation in social actions in Montreal were outstanding, most especially his devotion to assist the most vulnerable citizens and the Italian immigrants. He did so in helping them find job opportunities, access to health care and better life conditions that could enhance their progress both socially and economically. Because of these and many other reasons, in 1976, he was invited to become a member of the Senate, becoming the youngest Senator in history and the first non-Canadian-born citizen to be named in this position.

Years later, while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, he was very attracted to and felt a strong bond with the Nuevo Vallarta region, just north of Puerto Vallarta. That was due to the similarity it had with his hometown. This motivated him to take frequent strolls out to meet with locals. He constantly took part in social activities that involved progress and bettering the conditions of several institutions such as schools, the local church of Jarretaderas, and foster homes among many others.

A great part of Senator Pietro Rizzuto’s life was focused on promoting the urban and social development of this region including farmers and fishermen. His son Alfonso’s great sense of responsibility and joint efforts with his family have been key in keeping his legacy alive and in continuing to help the community throughout the Senator Pietro Rizzuto Foundation.

The legacy of the Senator, who passed away in 1997, as well as his values and vision, continue to serve the local population of this region where he was a pioneer, delivering significant contributions to promote the Riviera Nayarit as one of the most important destinations within Mexico.